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Co-egg-ee | koˈɛgi

verb bring together


Co-egg-ee | koˈɛgi

verb simplify programmatic digital media purchases


Co-egg-ee | koˈɛgi

verb offer a single digital media partner across all platforms


Co-egg-ee | koˈɛgi


4.bringing advanced audience targeting, transparency and brand safety together

About Us

Coegi is a media buying company that brings audiences and advertisers together through programmatic technology.

Coegi was formed for media buyers, by media buyers.  We personally manage each campaign from a buyer’s perspective; it’s an approach that produces measurable, consistent results for our clients.

Coegi offers programmatic solutions across all platforms.

Display Advertising • Online Video • Mobile Advertising • Social Advertising • Direct Email • Audience Buying • Search • Analytics

All with a single partner.

Why Coegi?

The digital media arena is a complex, confusing maze to navigate. Coegi simplifies digital media buying, providing real-time programmatic bidding to agencies and media buyers, with the convenience and efficiency of a single vendor.

We understand what buyers need in their vendor relationship (singular):

Simplicity. Transparency. Efficiency. Brand Safety. And better results.

Here’s how we help:

Audience Buying

We don’t simply buy media. We buy audiences.

Programmatic technology and our expert specialists allow you to reach very specific target audiences, wherever they are spending time online.

With real-time bidding (RTB), information about a user is collected just before they are served an ad, and reported to buyers, who then purchase inventory based on that information. Real-time bidding allows us to know who will see your ads before they are placed, guaranteeing they reach your target audience.

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Too often, more time is spent juggling vendor relationships and consolidating reports than refining strategy and creative messaging. We make sure you’re getting the media you need to meet your goals, so you can focus on strategy and creative.

What we deliver:

  • Multiple platforms, one vendor
  • Single campaign management team
  • Single, consolidated reporting across all channels
  • Flexible combined budget – no minimum spend requirements
  • Complete inventory control
  • More of your dollars are spent on the media and less on commissions among intermediaries
  • Real-time optimization and automated bidding

Brand Safety

Put your ads where you want them and keep them away from where you don’t.

Coegi utilizes leading technologies to proactively ensure that your ads are shown only in brand-safe content.

  • Customize parameters to make sure content is appropriate for your brand
  • Block pages with “ad clutter” and negative or adult categories
  • Target view-ability
  • Semantic placement and ad blocking


With Coegi, you’ll know exactly where your ads ran, who saw them, and what it cost to put them there.

Rather than buying impressions across a large ad network only to get consolidated, generalized reporting, you’ll receive detailed data of where your impressions landed and the specific results they produced. More meaningful results mean greater control over your brand image.

Detailed reports, down to the tactic level, allow us to easily compare results across all channels and make adjustments in real time.

Understanding precisely how your media is performing gives you—and Coegi—deeper insight into the minds of your customers, helping you build a better campaign, from audience segmentation to creative messaging.

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Audience Buying

At Coegi, we ensure that consumers view and engage with ads beyond just an impression. Based on performance data, we optimize digital media inventory as needed to reach campaign goals and enhance performance.

With programmatic audience buying, the price you pay is relative to the value of the impression. Reduce wasted impressions and connect with your audience on a level that drives real, meaningful results.


Unlike ad networks, we buy audiences, not just unsold space. With Coegi, we know who we are reaching before your ad is placed, as well as exactly where it’s placed, making each impression more valuable and giving you more control over your brand’s image.

Using our best-in-class audience-buying platform, we match your parameters with available media across multiple exchanges. With extensive data management and analytics capabilities, we monitor results and optimize your media in real time to reach campaign goals.

Display Advertising

Premium Site Placement

  • Tap into private exchanges for ‘first look’ at premium inventory
  • Run high impact and engaging ad formats to targeted audiences

Online Video

Serve targeted video ads across multiple channels as pre-roll or user-initiated content with demographic and behavioral targeting

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Mobile Advertising

Reaching your audience via their mobile device is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. Everyone is on their mobile device. We’ll help you reach them there.

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Social Advertising

It’s no secret that social media has the highest level of interactivity on the web, with unmatched opportunity for engagement with your audience.

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Direct Email

Advanced segmentation and campaign automation, so you don’t end up

in the spam bucket.

Audience Targeting

We make sure the right people see your ads, so your team can focus on strategy and creative messaging.

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Search Marketing

Successful search marketing requires an insight into the minds of the consumer, a thorough understanding of how search engines work, and expertise to know how to make search work for you.

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The data produced by your digital marketing campaigns provides valuable insight into the minds and behaviors of your target audience.

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Online Video

Pre-Roll & mid-Roll commercials within video content

  • Extend reach of TV commercials
  • Add interactive features for greater engagement with brand and across social channels

Click-to-play video with display banners

  • Add a deeper engagement level to display advertising

Mobile video

  • Pre-roll and interactive formats capture mobile users’ attention

Social games video

  • Drive high awareness through rewards-based video on social apps and games

Mobile Advertising

App and mobile web display banners

  • Add a deeper engagement level to display advertising


  • Serve ads to mobile users around designated locations and events

Click to Action

  • Click to Website, Click to Call, Click to Download, etc.

Social Advertising

Our team stays aware of the opportunities in this space, and helps leverage your campaign across multiple social media platforms.

Facebook ads

  • News Feed ads, Like ads, Page Post ads, standard ads, mobile ads, etc.

Audience Targeting


  • Reinforce your brand with ads aimed at visitors to your site, presented when they’re elsewhere on the web or while mobile

Search retargeting

  • Match your media to content based on search terms used by your target audience

IP targeting

  • Target by employer, neighborhood or cable provider

Contextual and site targeting

  • Focus on specific publishers or site categories

3rd party data

  • Access to a wide range of 3rd party data, or bring your own

Geo-Zone Targeting

  • Price impressions by a user’s proximity to a certain location

Dynamic Creative Optimization

  • Retarget a user with the same product they viewed

Lookalike Modeling

  • Target audience based on behavior similar to that of your current customers

Contextual Targeting

  • Reach people on Web pages relevant to specific topics

Household Extension

  • Remarket to all devices linked to a household’s Wi-Fi IP address after a site visit or conversion

Search Marketing

Our experts are trained to make your site more visible through both paid and free search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a vital part of any online marketing strategy. Our dedicated search analysts help to improve the quality and volume of traffic to your website by making your site more visible in organic or natural search results.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, improves site visibility through paid ads or sponsored links on search engines. Specifically targeted, well-placed SEM ads help ensure your site’s visibility, particularly among related search content.


We analyze and interpret this data, and we then use it to continuously optimize your campaign.

Data management platform

  • Our best-in-class data management platform allows us to manage data across multiple tactics in a centralized location for an overall view of your audience.
  • Get the full picture of your audience with data across all tactics; display ads, online video, website and social media, and mobile.