Straight Talk about Digital Ad Fraud

There is much being said across the digital advertising industry about how serious the ad fraud problem is. Having been thoroughly involved in the digital advertising industry for the last 12 years and since the inception of programmatic advertising, I feel I can confidently share some frank observations about digital ad fraud in an effort to provide a pragmatic viewpoint on this matter. I have also included multiple links to respected industry sources on this topic in an effort to be as thorough and objective as possible.


There is no ‘silver bullet’ that exists today to prevent bot traffic. However, a conscientious implementation of best practices in regard to the use of supply vendors and site lists, combined with IP blocking and monitoring through a best-in-class brand safety technology and rigorous human analysis of site placement and log files, will consistently deliver digital campaigns with fraud rates below 2%-3%. (more…)

Is Your Ad Being Seen by a Human? A look at Viewability and Ad Fraud

At Coegi, data matters. With strong data retention policies, Coegi has been diligently collecting performance information since the company’s founding in 2014. Coegi is able to use this data to inform specialists on what levers to pull in order to exceed industry benchmarks, even when compared to publisher direct buys, in two key categories: viewability and ad fraud.

Viewability is the answer to the question “Did a user actually see my ad?” Unlike many traditional media methods, programmatic is able to leverage javascript to verify the ad actually was shown to the user and remained in-view for at least one second.

Ad Fraud comes in many shapes and forms; however, in simple terms it exists because people have found ways to exploit the digital ad environment for profit. It can take the form of posing as a website (see Methbot POV here) or of sophisticated bots that mimic web browsing history of high value users (in market/high click/retargeting).


Announcing our Exclusive Optimizer Tool

We’re excited to announce we have officially completed the roll-out of Coegi’s proprietary Optimizer tool to our internal team.

Our Optimizer tool will make Coegi’s campaign optimization process more efficient and faster than ever – enabling us to provide almost instantaneous campaign insights to our clients. The tool is expected to save over 10,000 hours per year our team spends optimizing campaigns, allowing our team to offer more insights to our clients.

Coegi’s Optimizer is a tool for campaign optimization that helps eliminate the time and effort needed for data pull and creating reporting during the campaign optimization process. Account Managers and Campaign Specialists can now go straight to analyzing data using beautiful and intuitive visualizations.

How are we utilizing Optimizer to make efficient optimizations?


3 Ways Tailored Creative Supercharges Programmatic Strategies

It’s no secret that programmatic media buying allows brands to send marketing messages to niche groups of people. However, not everyone is aware of this highly important piece of the puzzle: tailoring your messages to each specific audience.

Too often, we at Coegi see brands utilize programmatic technology to distribute generic, one-size-fits-all content throughout the digital sphere. These companies are barely scratching the surface when it comes to maximizing the benefits of this medium.

In fact, they’re wasting valuable impressions — and, ultimately, money.